Project Description

In 2016 I was asked to step in and redesign Suite Spot’s website. The massive project involved creating over two hundred pages from scratch as the existing site’s backend was too disorganized and obsolete to salvage; I wanted a clean slate. The project roadmap was long and winding, as I was balancing it with my other responsibilities at Suite Spot, chiefly enabling our outreach team with presentations and sales collateral, but also acting as an in-house production expert when needed; this is not to mention the incredible amount of back-and-forth disagreements between the executive team, the outreach team, the production team, the tech team, you name it; everyone in the organization had an opinion about the website and each of these opinions was radically different from the others. It was quite difficult to figure out what to do, often traversing down a path that would turn out to be incorrect in the perspective of someone else deciding to weigh in who may have had more authority or, perhaps, influence.

The project reached its apex of work in the summer of 2018 when several pieces finally came gracefully together: buy-in from the executive team that the site was in fact a valuable asset to be actively worked on and kept up-to-date, a personal revelation that I was driving our efforts in digital marketing, that my opinions mattered and that, more often than not, if I did something and believe in it, it would either be approved or go unnoticed until one day it was seen and briefly appreciated… I also received vector refinements to Suite Spot’s logo and a stronger color scheme from designer Katy Larkin, who was collaborating with me on the project, and, last but not least, Suite Spot hired Jesse Segaul, our Post-Production Coordinator and Social Media Manager, in the New York City office. Jesse would become an integral piece of the puzzle, able to sift through archived projects in New York and gather uncompressed project stills as I built pages in California. has over 20,000 users and 25,000 sessions per year, 64.7% of which by direct link, 22% by organic searches, and 12% by referral (including social media). With a 1% conversion rate, it has generated over $2.6MM in opportunities.

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